Misunderstandings in Communication with China?

  • Did your emals to your Chinese customers / colleagues / partners turn to be unanswered?
  • Do the decision-making processes in China seem to you interminable and intransparent?
  • Did you talk with your Chinese partners at cross-purposes despite very good language skills?
  • Did your Chinese customers / colleagues / partners meet the deadlines hardly?
  • Did you misinterpret the nodding of your Chinese clients / colleagues / partners as approval?
  • Did your Chinese colleagues often ignore your proposals?
  • Did the negotiations with your Chinese partners fail despite very good discussions?

Intercultural Training

As certified intercultural trainer, I am familiar with different cultural dimensions and models. My bicultural background in both private and professional life allows me to gain a lot of experience in intercultural communication and consulting. With help of this theoretical and practical knowledge, I am able to offer you an interesting and exemplary intercultural training.

My strength lies in the design of the training. In a relaxed and interactive atmosphere, you will learn what to pay attention to in the other culture and how to deal with the people in it. Only with these skills you will feel confident in the foreign culture and be able to expand networks across borders and use them profitably for your business success.

Do you feel confronted with  above misunderstandings in communication with your Chinese partners / customers / colleagues? Are you interested in acquiring cultural knowledge or getting to know another culture? Are you looking for a trainer to prepare your experts for their assignment abroad? Do you intend to make your intercultural team fit for barrier-free and effective communication?

Chinatutor, based in Radebeul near Dresden and represented by Shumei Feng, is happy to help you!

In addition to individual coaching, I also offer in-house seminars. According to your wishes, the seminars could be held in German, Chinese or English. Please describe your concerns and requirements to me. I will design a tailor-made training for you.

Of course, I am also happy to help you with your Chinese-German project as intercultural consultant.