Majored in:

Foreign Interpreting and Translation at the Foreign Language University of Tianjin

German Studies/Culture and Communication at the Technical University of Dresden

MBA in International Business at the West Saxon University of Applied Sciences in Zwickau

  • over 20 years of working experience with German language and culture
  • many years of practical experience as a language teacher for Chinese and German, e.g. as German teacher at Ningbo University in China and as Chinese teacher at the Language Centre of the Technical University of Dresden
  • extensive experience as connecting person in business exchange between Germany and China, including as interpreter/translator, project coordinator and intercultural consultant
  • Translated works: “The Havard Factors” and “The Texture of Remembering” from German into Chinese
  • Since September 2017 publicly appointed translator and sworn interpreter for Chinese language
  • Certified intercultural trainer from May 2021

Shumei Feng

Personalities: open-minded, empathetic, nature-loving, cheerful, professional performance, very good comprehension skills, structured working style, constructive and solution-oriented approach to negotiations